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Subject: Ur lover doesnt call often
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emaidy 16.03.08 - 10:00am
What does it mean if ur lover hardly gets in touch wiv u? *

hozzo 17.03.08 - 02:45pm
Maybe because she dont care dat much and she is tired of it all *

emaidy 19.03.08 - 05:33am
U call all come in here and share ur views on this discussion.. *

tesluv 22.03.08 - 07:35am
If my lover doesnt call often,it culd mean basically 3 things to me.Its either he's busy working,he's broke or he's lost interest in me and our relationship. *

smoothyy 29.04.08 - 06:32am
I say mayb his giving me time 2 miss him nd 4 him time 2 miss me *

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